Finding the Right Venue: Vintage Weddings

If you have lived in the Chippewa Valley long enough to see a beautiful sunny day, you may find it extremely difficult to deny the sheer attractiveness of the area. It has a good proximity to the Twin Cities without being overcrowded. There is enough natural scenery and open space to be comfortable, highlighting not only a historic past, but a rapidly developing city as well. It is a beautiful combination of nature and urban activity, making it the perfect place for a wedding.

Within the past few decades, wedding trends have taken on a different style approach, moving away from the classic church and encompassing a DIY attitude, allowing for a more creative and simplistic feel. Included in this trend is the debate over the wedding venue: outside or inside? Vintage? Rustic? Exotic? The choices are endless. However, if you’re looking to take advantage of the beautiful Chippewa Valley scenery via a rustic barn wedding, take a moment to consider the challenges of a barn wedding, and the benefits of a vintage wedding held at the historic Heyde Center for the Arts.

When planning an outdoor or rustic wedding, the biggest concern for many couples is the weather. Wisconsin weather, especially, is known to fluctuate very quickly, and can often reach extremes without so much as a few days’ notice. Depending on the time of year, you might be battling storms, snow, heat, cold, or mud. Another thing to consider with outdoor weddings is sun and bugs. By having the wedding outside, your guests run the risk of sun burn and/or bug bites. Additionally, barns and other outdoor venues are not climate controlled, so your guests might have to prepare for sweltering heat and humidity or the frigid cold.

One of the great things about the Heyde Center is that even though the building is over 110 years old, it is climate controlled, not only providing shelter in potentially unfavorable weather, but also ensuring a comfortable climate for your guests. And before you think a tent will solve all the problems of an outdoor wedding, consider the money you might have shell out for a good tent. You would also be providing all of the furniture and providing bathrooms for your guests.

While the rustic scenery of the rural Chippewa Valley is appealing, it would be sensible to consider the fact that barns are primarily used for animals. Depending on the venue, barn owners might be working to clear out animals and equipment to accommodate the wedding. Couples run the risk of having to clean up or get used to the lingering smell of the animals, which is much more difficult to get rid of than most people realize. The Heyde Center is located in a wonderful spot atop a large hill, enabling photographers to capture the beautiful scenery of the area before heading into the building for the rest of the wedding.

Blogger Audra Jones points out the fact that if you’re planning on holding your wedding in a true barn, there will likely be very little available electricity, if at all. This could pose a significant problem with lighting, DJs or bands, the bar, the caterer, you name it. The requirement for outside power sources could put a big hole in a couple’s budget, and create some anxiety about what would happen if one of the generators suddenly blew out. Barn weddings also usually lack a sufficient area for caterers to prep the food, making outside catering more expensive than it would be at an indoor wedding. Some caterers require a kitchen area for prep, and this could also seriously limit one’s catering options.

There is a lot of stress that goes into planning a wedding. From caterers and guests, invitations, photographers, dresses, and flower arrangements, there is so much that could go wrong. Choosing the right venue could alleviate a significant amount of stress. Places like the Heyde Center for the Arts offer a classic atmosphere that is amiable to couples, guests, caterers, and everyone who will be a part of your Big Day. The building provides access to the beautiful Chippewa scenery while also accommodating for the unpredictable and sometimes frustrating Wisconsin weather. Additionally, the classic setting allows couples to express their vintage style, coordinating with a variety of color schemes and styles. By choosing the right venue, you will spend more time as you should be – celebrating this special day with your friends, family, and brand-new spouse.

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The Chippewa Valley Cultural Association, aka the Heyde Center for the Arts, features theater performances; art exhibits; local, regional and international music; dance and much MUCH more.

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